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We offer every client our record of experience and creativity, our network of specialized resources, and our commitment to the successful completion of each contract to the satisfaction of each client.
Healthcare Strategic Master Planing
  The Systematic Delivery of Feasibility Studies, Professional Strategic Master Planning, and Pre-Development Analysis

  ACD Research Inc. takes a unique diagnostic approach to healthcare strategy development. The diagnostic approach encompasses comprehensive market feasibility, identification, and implementation of plans for identified market opportunities, professional strategic master planning, and pre-development analysis for healthcare facilities.

This diagnostic approach enables ACD Research Inc. to enlist the specific resources with strategic objectives at the critical time and in the proper manner to meet the goals and objectives of our clients.

ACD Research Inc. becomes a partner and advocate in the development and implementation of customized, comprehensive, and creative approaches to healthcare development.

Because ACD Research Inc. can act as a single source for all project services, the client receives the direct benefits of total project coordination.

The client may request that ACD Research Inc. assist with designated specific assignments.

Whatever level of service is required, benchmarks are established for project execution and performance to ensure the objectives are achieved on schedule and within budget.
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