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We offer every client our record of experience and creativity, our network of specialized resources, and our commitment to the successful completion of each contract to the satisfaction of each client.
Site Selection and Evaluation
  A detailed analysis of the general community and the specific location for the development forms one of the foundations for development success.

Site Selection and Evaluation
Demographics Profile
Adjacent Businesses and Projected
Identification of Competition
Transportation Access and Traffic Patterns

Site Viability
Utilities and Environmental Issues
Infrastructure, Zoning, and Codes
Engineering Considerations
Expansion Opportunities

Site Alternatives
Site Analysis and Recommendations
Identification of Financing Vehicles
Construction Management
  The assembly of a qualified team of design and construction professionals requires knowledge and experience.
Proof of the execution.
Establish Construction Budget and Accounting System
Design Process
Establish Construction Schedule
Contract Development and Execution
Interior and Exterior Space Planning
Evaluation and Negotiation with Subcontractors
Interior Design

Monitor and Report On Construction Progress

Management of Job Site
Ensure Site Safety
Monitor Stored Materials
·On-Site Inspections

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