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We offer every client our record of experience and creativity, our network of specialized resources, and our commitment to the successful completion of each contract to the satisfaction of each client.
Asset Evaluation and Planning
  Due diligence is required to collect the data upon which the healthcare development plans are based. The purchase of an existing facility or the development of a new property requires a detailed evaluation of assets, investigation of financial vehicles
Structural Inspection and Requirements
Maintenance Status and Requirements
Engineering Systems
Exterior Appearance and Maintenance
Facility Efficiency
Financial Analysis
Maintenance Costs
Capital Investment Needs
Regulatory and Legal Requirements
Legal Assessment
Health Facility Codes
Building Codes
Budgets and Creative Financing
  The implementation of creative financing and realistic operating and development budgets are cornerstones of development success.
Hard Cost, Soft Cost, Capital Expenditure Budgets
Land Site Costs
Professional Fees for Architect/Engineer
Permits/Fees Construction Costs
Equipment Relocation

Equity Considerations

State/Local Incentives
Operating Budgets

Operating Expenses

Pricing Strategies
Cash Flow Analysis and Projections
Interior and Exterior Maintenance

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