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We offer every client our record of experience and creativity, our network of specialized resources, and our commitment to the successful completion of each contract to the satisfaction of each client.
Marketing and Sales
  The development must meet the present and future demand of the market, prospective tenants, and owners. The professional marketing, sales and leasing of a project is a crucial step in ensuring the viability of a development.
Evaluate Competitive Environment
Establish Marketing Plan
Set Performance Benchmarks
Establish Sales Goals
Negotiate Sales Agreements
Prepare Sales Materials
Development of Market Strategy
  The implementation of creative financing and realistic operating and development budgets are cornerstones of development success. The implementation of creative financing and realistic operating and development budgets are cornerstones of development success. The changing healthcare delivery and financing environments require expert application of timely, sophisticated knowledge. Strategies for development of a healthcare facility are built upon sophisticated knowledge of market conditions. A thorough analysis is conducted to make certain that the objectives can be supported by market conditions.

Identification of Market Opportunities

Plan of Implementation to Capture Market Opportunities
Market Feasibility Study
Identification and Implementation Plan for Identified Market Opportunities
Regulatory Environment/Health Care Industry Trends
Financial Environment
Competitive Market
Use of Capital and Competitive Financing Options
Market Feasibility Studies
  Essential to financial success is a thorough evaluation of the market within which a facility must compete, coupled with an identification of realistic opportunities and liabilities. These elements form the basis for determining the market feasibility of a project. Customized to meet client needs, Market Feasibility Studies are especially critical to the success of Healthcare facilities, which today must compete aggressively in a fluid and demanding economic climate.

Accurate Identification of Project Service Area

Demographic Analysis of Service Area with Projections
Economic Profile of Service Area Population

Geographic Distribution of Existing Patient or Customer Base

Evaluation of Current Volumes and Services
Analysis of Existing Service Infrastructure
Determination of Total Market Volumes and Existing Market Share
Identification of Market Opportunities and Liabilities
Development of Utilization Projections
Impact of Project on Existing systems
Analysis of Project Potential for Growth and Profitability
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